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Century Glass 85 Ltd

Professional Window Installation and Replacement in Kamloops

Looking for windows that strike a perfect balance between enduring style and unmatched performance? Century Glass Ltd is a reliable window installation and replacement company in Kamloops. We offer a great selection of vinyl windows available in many styles, sizes and exterior colours. We would love to guide you through our collection. We can even customize the exterior of your windows in-house with our paint booth. Our team holds years of industry experience and can provide valuable advice on selecting the perfect windows for your residential or commercial projects.

Regardless of the nature of your project, from replacing the outdated windows of your building to renovating your property for better lighting and energy efficiency, we manufacture and install high-quality windows at wallet-friendly prices. 

If you’d like to discuss your window installation and repair projects further with us, call us now.

front view of a house with garden

Sliding Windows

These are one of the most widely used and popular windows options. The ease of use, safety, and budget-friendliness make them a preferred alternative for homeowners. They come in both horizontal and vertical orientations and provide an abundance of light and easily regulated airflow.


Horizontal Windows

In horizontal windows, one side is fixed, and the other side slides left to the right. A screen covers half of the window, and the moveable sash can tilt into the room to provide easy removal and cleaning. They offer additional weather-stripping and protection.

horizontal window frame
Vertical window frame

Vertical Windows

In vertical windows, the top portion is fixed while the bottom sash moves up and down. They come with a screen that covers half the window, and the moveable sash offers easy cleaning. Additional features include extra weather-stripping and enhanced protection.


Casement Windows

They are tall and narrow windows that open by cranking a handle in a similar fashion to a door. Casements can open out towards both directions, left or right. You can easily control the desired ventilation.

casement window frame
Awning window frame

Awning Windows

All awning windows feature an extremely innovative, stylish crank handle. They are much like the casement windows, but they open from the bottom. If you want to let fresh air in along with protection from the precipitation outdoors, awning windows are perfect for you. 



Century Glass also provides screen replacement and repair services. Screen are a great way to provide comfort and protection;  allowing airflow in, while keeping insects out. 

Image Gallery: Windows

Take a look at our sliding, horizontal, vertical, casement and awning windows:

Windows That Impress

Our elegant and highly durable windows are bound to impress with their mesmerizing beauty and design.

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