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Century Glass 85 Ltd

Elegant Patio Doors and Installation Services in Kamloops

Patio doors provide an unobstructed view of your lawn or backyard and allow maximum natural light in your property. Installing patio doors is an excellent solution to welcome outdoor ambience indoors while increasing the value of your home.

Century Glass Ltd offers patio door installation services in Kamloops and the surrounding areas + 250KM. Our patio doors are manufactured by renowned companies and installed by our trusted professionals. We supply an extensive range of patio doors that require very little maintenance. 

Our Energy Star rated patio doors can endure our harsh climate, providing comfort & smooth operation for many years. Contact us to learn more about patio doors or discuss your home remodelling projects.

Trusted Manufacturers

Patio Doors- Installed with Precision

Our patio doors add to the beauty of your space, with our seamless and efficient installation services.

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