First impressions are lasting when it comes to your home or business, few things have as big an impact as hardware. Your hardware is both the first and last thing guests or customers will interact with when visiting. 

Everything from how the door handle works, to how well it matches the decor and overall character of its surroundings, right down to how it feels in the hand, can form a powerful first impression that will influence the rest of the individual's visit. Luckily, Century Glass has the knowledge, skill, and supplies to make sure that those first impressions will always be positive!

Just like your property doesn't stop once inside the front door, Century Glass doesn't stop at door hardware. Keep exceeding your vistiors' expectations with stunning shower hardware, sleek railings, and impressive, modern window operators.

With our outstanding selection of door, window, shower, and railing hardware, Century Glass has something that will match your decor dreams.